Rose Leahy

Exchanges in Automatism
Exchanges in Automatism is an investigation into the creation of an interconnected system, and the symbiosis between its constituent parts. Operating in a constant state of motion, the different environments of each tank entangle over time, creating networked ecologies throughout the piece.

This messy merging of components highlights the multidirectional state that systems operate in, as both a singular whole and collective many. Exchanges in Automatism explores the perpetual cycle of systems. We are bound by and surrounded by them: days, weeks, circadian rhythms, birthdays, last christmas, the last tube, they are universal and ubiquitous.

Once constructed and established, Exchanges in Automatism operates without human mediation. During a time of rapid global transformations caused by human-centred systems, the act of considered human intervention is needed, despite its problematic roots. The concept of sustainability is often assumed to refer to systems designed for the benefit of humankind, but Exchanges in Automatism approaches how we may initiate supportive systems with a more-than-human agenda.